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Many shock absorber manufacturers mass market generic shock absorbers which only meet the demands of the lowest common denominator and for a limited time. KONI shock absorbers from Car Torque are recognized for their premium performance, quality and adjustability. KONI’s unique design features and legendary reputation in racing have led to success in a variety of high-end specialized markets, from sport cars and racing vehicles to heavy duty bus, truck, motor home and rail applications. KONI shocks include these exceptional performance features:

  • Owner adjustable valving for wear compensation and owner choice.
  • Adjustable over low and high speed damping ranges for overall smooth handling.
  • 100% dynamometer tested for complete quality control.
  • Many are serviceable.
  • Piston rod tolerance of plus or minus 5/1000mm and made of high carbon steel.
  • Guide 100% pearlite structure and matched to piston rod within 4/100 to 5/100mm.
  • Piston is precision ground cast iron and matched within 4/100-5/100mm to the cylinder.
  • Chrome plating of piston rod is induction hardened from specially tempered high quality steel, providing a flawless surface.
  • Inner cylinder is seamless and meets a straightness tolerance of 1/100 per meter of length

Over many years, KONI have acted as an OE supplier to the following famous manufacturers -

  • Porsche
  • Lotus
  • Aston Martin
  • Ford
  • Maserati
  • Renault
  • Ferrari

If you are serious about having only the best for your vehicle then go no further than KONI shock absorbers.

Product Range


The Koni “Special” (popularly known as Koni Red) is the well known damper that forged the Koni reputation.

They are moderately priced, adjustable (off the car) and most part numbers are serviceable.

The range is extensive, and dampers can be supplied for early model “classics” up to the latest model. If you want a high quality replacement damper at a moderate price, improve the handling, steering and grip of your car, but retain good ride quality, the “Special” is an excellent choice.



Koni “Sport” (popularly known as Koni “Yellow”) is the damper that offers something different for the enthusiast.

The Koni “Sport” damper is firmer in both compression and rebound when compared to the “Special”. They give excellent levels of grip and handling and provide sharper steering response.

This damper is very popular in the weekend club motorsport scene, but retains excellent characteristics for the daily drive.

Many “Sport” dampers are adjustable on the car, which makes them very user friendly.


The Koni 1150 range of suspension kits are Ride Height adjustable damper and spring assemblies.

The shock absorbers are Koni sport with chrome plated bodies.

Height adjustability is provided by threaded,anodized aluminum. The springs are Koni designed sports coils with a narrow diameter for clearance beside the tyre.

Where possible, external adjustment of the damper setting is provided, permitting simple and easy access for variation to the rebound rate.


KONI takes body control to the next level……………

 Frequency Selective Damping

The first shock absorber offering superior road-holding without compromising comfort.

Koni introduces FSD, the first no-compromise shock absorber in the world. A revolutionary new technique which combines the benefits of firm and comfortable suspension in a single perfect shock absorber. Firm for sporty driving on even road surfaces. Comfortable for a smooth ride on uneven road surfaces.

Realizing the seemingly impossible!

Two characteristics that seemed diametrically- opposed, proved to be a source of inspiration for specialists from KONI. Following lengthy development and testing, the ultimate solution was reached: KONI FSD – Frequency Selective Damping.

A revolutionary new technique whereby the benefits of both types of ride characteristics are combined in one perfect shock absorber. Banishing the disadvantages of the past. FSD shock absorbers; a smart suspension system adjusting automatically to road conditions as well as driving style. And all of this in a fraction of a second. FSD guarantees greater stability, greater control and thus greater driving pleasure.

KONI reconfirms with the FSD innovation a leading position as innovative supplier of high-quality shock absorber products.

Advantages of FSD

  • Ends the compromise between comfort and handling
  • Can be integrated in conventional damper layouts
  • No need for sensors, cables, or other electronic devices
  • Creates an additional variable in fine-tuning the car’s behaviour
  • Quick and easy to develop for existing suspensions
  • Damper cost efficient


Koni 4WD Product Range

Koni Shock Absorbers have been a respected product in the Australian 4WD market for more than 20 years. This reputation was built on the existing product range that has been the choice of motoring enthusiasts for 5 decades. With an ever increasing demand for higher performance and greater choice, Koni has introduced two additional dampers for 4WD use.

The 90 series “Raid” is the monster. The development of this shock absorber was initiated by African desert experience. Fitting this damper would be like fitting a V8 in a small car. It can operate in a lazy manner, as the internal pressures and temperatures can be kept low. It is an excellent choice for expeditions to the Canning Stock Route, Simpson Desert etc., especially with heavily loaded vehicles. Fantastic reliability and consistency of performance!

The 90 series has a body size of 70 mm, shaft diameter of 18mm and a piston size of 42mm. This damper is fitted with an internal Hydraulic Rebound Stop and a high temperature Viton seal.




The 88 series “Heavy Track” can be described in a similar way to the 90 but is available at a more modest investment. Again, this damper is excellent at limiting pressures and temperatures. The body diameter is 55mm, shaft size is 16mm and the piston diameter is 36mm.

The 88 & 90 series dampers are available for a limited range of 4WD’s. Contact Shock Systems for details.

The main range, represented by the 30 series mono-tube and the popular 82 series twin tube meets the needs of the vast majority of 4WD owners.

All Koni 4Wd dampers have adjustable rebound.

This adjustment facility is primarily used for restoration of “lost” damping after many tens of thousands of kilometers. It is also an excellent tool for “tuning” the damper if heavier springs are selected or very high loads are carried.

Technical Information

All hydraulic shock absorbers work by the principle of converting kinetic energy (movement) into thermic energy (heat). For that purpose, fluid in the shock absorber housing is forced to flow through restricted outlets and valve systems, thus generating hydraulic resistance. Hydraulic shock absorbers exist in various configurations, like lever shocks and telescopic shocks.

A telescopic shock absorber (also known as dampers, shocks, shockies etc) can be compressed and extended: the so-called bump stroke and rebound stroke. Nowadays, nearly all shocks are of the telescopic configuration and mainly ‘double acting’, which indicates hydraulic resistance in both bump and rebound.

Telescopic shock absorbers are subdivided in;

1. Bi-tube or twin-tube dampers, available in hydraulic and gas-hydraulic configuration. The gas-hydraulic version is also known as low-pressure gas shock.

2. Mono-tube dampers, also called high pressure gas-shocks (only available in gas-hydraulic configuration).

Koni’s are supplied with the adjuster at full soft, as this is the recommended setting for the particular vehicle that is to be fitted with Koni’s. The adjuster is primarily a wear compensation device, and should be used only when necessary. Do not overadjust.

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