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"Years of experience and a wealth of R&D has delivered a range of products underpinned by Grip Dynamics. A unique evolution in the manufacture of suspension products, Grip dynamics technology aims to improve grip for better handling and performance outcomes"


The suspension and handling experts at SuperPro have used their 30+ years of experience to develop the SuperPro Roll Control range of products. 

Covering performance and enhancement solutions, the Roll Control range is equally at home on the track, street or even off-road. Roll control products are designed to give the driver and passenger a better motoring experience every day.

  • Sharper steering means more driver confidence and safety.
  • Better handling means better performance but also lower tyre wear and less maintenance
  • More grip is the ultimate goal and suspension enhancement for road, track and off-road 4x4 and 4wd environment
  • Less Body Roll improves tyre performance, reduces wear and makes for happier passengers – safer too

The Roll Control range innovates further using SuperPro’s exclusive Grip Dynamics technology.

The roll control range is the product of this technology.

SuperPro Grip Dynamics aims to improve grip for better handling and performance outcomes.

The SuperPro development team has spent a lot of time looking at low-cost high-value ways of improving real world performance. SuperPro engineers get great dynamic results with improved handling and grip by paying attention to the details


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