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                      XYZ is a Taiwan based manufacturer of high performance coilover and brake systems.

Founded in 1998, XYZ boasts a state of the art 150,000 sq ft manufacturing facility and has gained a world wide reputation for its high quality, high performance products. With over 10 years experience in international track, drift, tarmac and gravel rally events and providing suspension to such iconic brands such as Alfa Romeo for their World Touring Car Championship vehicles, XYZ has the experience and knowledge to build superior suspension and brake systems.

 With full ISO9001 accreditation, all XYZ products are backed up by this experience, innovation, technology and commitment to quality.



Top Mount

All McPherson struts come with pillow ball upper mounts and Wishbone struts are equipped with aluminum top mounts. The pillowball top mount or aluminum top mount is not included for a few applications due to the original equipment design being unsuitable.

Mono-Tube Deisgn

Mono-tube design is adopted for this coilover system as it can maintain stable damping and still offer excellent comfort and handling. The super sport damper with its big piston diameter of 45mm can be used for weekend race as well.

Fully-Adjustable Lower Mount

A moveable bottom mount is used to allow both ride-height and pre-load to be adjusted by adjusting the bottom mount.
McPherson lower mount - Uses steel material (SPHC-C) to enhance the strength, avoiding unusual deformation of the clevis and improving the lower mounts ability to deal with steering loads. Wishbone lower mount - Because there is no turning pressure, aluminum material (A6061) is used for the lower mount, having ability to reduce weight and to dissipate heat effectively.

Damping Adjustable
Super Sport comes with 30-way damping adjustment, offering the best performance under all road conditions. The shock uses needle valves to allow linear damping adjustment at each level.
All threaded parts are coated with Fluorine to prevent corrosion or adherence. The bottom mount is anodized. All metal parts are tested by a salt spray test.

All spring materials used are lightweight (SAE9254) and of top quality to avoid any spring sagging issues, providing a better ride for driver and passengers. Super Sport dampers are equipped with springs with rates that have been selected for both comfort and handling.

New Bearing Assembly

Our bearing assembly enhances smoothness when turning, and the driver can feel the steering feedback better. It assists in keeping noise to a minimum.

Spring Bearing
The piece put between the spring and the locking ring is a Teflon bearing, it assists in eliminating spring binding and clanging noises and allows a soother turn.


The Pillowball+Rubber Top Mount is camber adjustable,and provides the best handling options. Hardened rubber is able to reduce the cars body weight on the pillow ball and extend the life of the top mount.






Super Sport Damper Kits allow you to adjust the ride height at both the bottom clevis and top spring perch. Has a 30 stage dampening adjustment. They allow you to adjust to meet all road conditions while still maintaining a supple but controlled ride. Suited to daily use and week end race.



Racing Spec

The Racing Spec damper is specially made for track racing, and all settings have been obtained from direct participation in racing events such as WTCC.


This is the best design, on the competitive version such as Racing Spec, Drift Spec, Tarmac Rally. This is the ultimate system for racing on  international  tracks, and test for a long time. This is for grip and handling at a high performance level and the essential partner in racing. Circuit Master Damper is tested through XYZ racing teams all over the world. It offers 9720 different adjustments can meet all customers’ needs.


Gravel Rally

This damper is mainly design for Rally Racing or Rally Cross. We developed an inverted tube design which is able to deal with the varying oad conditions that are a part of rallying.

With a long stroke and long spring, XYZ Gravel Rally Shocks are able to absorb chassis vibration and control the wheels in the most challenging of conditions. All spring rate setting are tested by a Rally Racing team in racing conditions.

Tarmac Rally

This damper is designed for Tarmac Rally Conditions, with an impressive ability to deal with varying pavement conditions and absorb the impact of big bumps and jumps. Improves traction, vehicle stability and handling. All the settings are derived from our Tarmac Rally racing experience.






















Drift Spec

This suspension is specifically designed for Drift. With its special design, it helps the racers stabilize the vehicle body while under high speed turning in order to make a perfect angle enhancing drifting performance. After lowing the ride height and with the proper bump stroke, you will be impressed by its performance.






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